She left for home, and I felt this emptiness that was palpable. We called each other every day and again every night. We would put Skype on our laptops so we could video chat each other and fall asleep with the other one. It was the one thing we had that felt like we were together. The feelings of doubt and wanting to stay single evaporated before I knew what to do with them. My kids would talk to her on the phone and Skype also. They cared about her and hoped she’d come back. The bond was there for…

Hello, if you’re reading this, thank you. After the events of my life that have unfolded the past month, I realized I let personal trauma and my overall attitude get in the way of being the husband I could have been and the parent I should be. I want to detail my journey as well as I can, but I feel in order to do so, I need to chronicle the events that brought me to where I am today. …

Jeffrey Newman

I am a single father, twice divorced who wants to blog his personal growth and journey to personal betterment.

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